Two new/old favorites: Nature and Instagram

I’m obsessed with two things lately: getting outside and Instagram.

Getting outside:

Saturday we spent the entire day on our bikes and I captured the highlights with the kitschy app. We rode to the Spenard Market and then downtown to the Anchorage Market & Festival. More than 8 miles round trip. I’ve challenged myself to be more active, spend more of my downtown away from the computer and to really enjoy this awesome place I live better. So we’re hitting the bikes and trails and looking for adventure more than ever.

BTW, at the downtown market, order the salmon burrito from Two Fat Guys Catering at the Downtown Market next time you’re there. You won’t be disappointed unless you hate delicious things.


I recently upgraded my 3GS iPhone to a pearly white 4S. The camera quality is miles ahead in the newer iPhone. Since the photos aren’t crap, I’ve finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. I’ve had an account since I can’t remember when, but just recently got everything set up and started using it like all the cool kids. Follow me under kern_this. I’ve syndicated my pictures to Facebook and Twitter. But you’ll see some of them showing here too. I’m having a lot of fun with this additional way to make and share ramdom photos. Plus I love the handiness of making photos with my phone when I don’t want to lug around the DSLR — like on an epic bike ride. While I wouldn’t submit them for a Pultizer or anything, I’m excited that I can finally trust my phone to make pictures that aren’t grainy and horrible. Do you Instagram?

Enough words. Here’s some more photos from Saturday’s adventure.


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