Rabbit Lake: Snow, icy trails and 72 degrees

We hiked to Rabbit Lake a couple weekends ago. It’s a 4.4 mile easy/moderate hike out of Anchorage from the top of DeArmoun Road and back. At the end is a serene, mostly snow-covered lake of cool clear snow melt hugged by the Suicide Peaks. I cooled my tired feet in the chilly water just long enough for the photo above. Most of the trail was clear, but we crossed steams and snow-covered trail to arrive. The feeling of 72-degree sun searing your shoulders and nose while hearing snow crunch under your feet is an odd sensation. Not knowing the trail, which is mostly uphill on the way to the lake, we almost turned back at one point. But some little ladies who looked a bit less hardy than us assured us we were only 20 minutes from the lake, so we trudged on. And how glad we were when we reached our destination.

Oh and look, Alaska sunbathers at the ice-covered lake.


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